15 Oca

Online Basic Enneagram Training

Online Basic Enneagram Training on December 26, offers “basic Enneagram training”, where all the basic information about Enneagram personality typology is provided to understand and strengthen our relationships and communication considering our differences. Thanks to all participants…

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01 Eki

Our student coaching process continues

Our student coaching talks continue during the university exam preparation process. Resource analysis, Sample Exam Analysis, program efficiency analysis, daily life planning, social life planning, nutrition planning are among the studies we carry out

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01 Eki

Dovi Office Furniture-Corporate Culture Creation Program

As part of Dovi office furniture's corporate culture creation program, our 16-week training for the company managers continues... this week we've held the 6th session of our training.

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04 Eyl

Applying Check up 360

As part of the check-up 360 program, we shared a detailed analysis report presentation about our student Zeynep and the things to be done for the development of our student in the short-medium and long term with her family . You can access detailed information about the check-up 360 program on our...

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11 Ağu

We plan college choices with students and their families

In the period of preference with the motto of "it's more than a preference...  "we serve with our specialist staff and Education Department to the young and their families. Our counseling process, which starts with the personality test and occupational test, continues with interviews where we...

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23 Tem

We support our students during the 2020 LGS preference period

The demand from LGS students for the preference counseling that we have started with our expert educational staff is quite high. The counseling process, which starts with the personality test and the profession test, ends with our students and parents filling the list in accordance with the success...

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21 Tem

The interview entitled 'More than a preference..."

In order to give support to students and parents during LGS and YKS preference process, founder of R&M Consulting  Abdulrezzak ÇIL, Ph. D. gave an interview to the Istanbul Flash newspaper.  You can click on the following link...

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28 Nis

A live broadcast on Career Planning

We conducted a live broadcast with Mr. Murat Babayiğit, Education  Coordinator of Çamlıca branch of Final schools, on “Career Planning” with high school students and their parents. We answered questions from students and parents on the broadcast. We would like to thank all of our participants.

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27 Nis

We conducted Online Enneagram Training

On April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, we conducted a special “Online Enneagram Training” for educators. We shared with Tthe participants about how Enneagram can be used in communication and education, the general characteristics of nine different personalities and their...

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24 Nis

We organized an online interview on Career Counselling

We organized an online interview on career counselling with Abdulrezzak Çil, Ph.D. and Mr. Tunç Vidinli, heir coach. We have answered questions from participants on many topics such as career, career planning, university years, career choice and preparation for the industry....

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09 Nis

Career Indecision is on the market

“Career indecision” , written by Abdulrezzak Cil, Ph. D. as his second book, is a guide for the young to take the right steps to ensure that their life goals and professional preferences overlap and resolve their career indecision. You can reach the book...

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03 Nis

Our Corporate Consulting Services During the Pandemic Period

We continue our corporate consulting services online during the pandemic period. We also carried out weekly meetings and business plans online with Kılıcoglu Machinery.. You can find out more about corporate consulting: https://www.remedanismanlik.com/tr/kurumsal-danismanlik

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03 Mar

Our visit to ISPARK

We visited Mr. Murat Çakır, General Manager of ISPARK. We shared projects with Mr. Murat Çakır and Mr. Serkan Tuncer, Human Resources Manager. We thank him very much for his heartfelt and sincere welcome.

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03 Mar

Enneagram Eğitim&Workshop

You are invited to the “ENNEAGRAM Training&Workshop” to help you discover your own style of communication by using 9 different personality types and to help improve the quality of communication with other individuals.

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05 Şub

Enneagram Education At Private Turkuvaz College, Bolu

A seminar on “Teacher Types and Teaching Styles according to Enneagram model" was presented to the teachers of the Turkuvaz College, Bolu by Abdulrezzak Çil, Ph.D. In addition, tips for Enneagram teacher testing and training were shared. We sincerely thank all the teachers who participated in...

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27 Oca

The Book “Kariyer Yolculuğunda Doğru Adım At” Has Been Published!

The book titled “Kariyer Yolculuğunda Doğru Adım At” (Take the Right Step in the Career Journey) written by Dr. Abdulrezzak ÇİL has been published. We believe that the book will guide you in your career journey and in making your career dreams come true. To obtain the book you can click...

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17 Oca

Enneagram Training At Delta Trade Company

Abdulrezzak CIL, Ph. D. gave training on "The Use of Enneagram Model in Human Resources" for a better insight of the dynamics of relations between employees on January 7-14 at Delta Trade Company. We would like to thank all the participants.

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31 Ara

2020 Strategic Planning with Kılıçoğlu Machinery

As R & M Consulting, our consulting processes in the final days of 2019 continue on the issues of 2020 strategic planning and evaluation of last year. IKM Kılıçoğlu Machinery completed another year in its long journey with the motto of 'the accumulation of the past and the technology of the...

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12 Ara

Presentation of Corporate Analysis Report of Cliniqa Dental World

After a month-long study with Cliniqa Dental World, where we provided corporate consultancy, we presented a corporate analysis report. R&M Consulting is always with you in order to increase the success and efficiency of your company in today's world where competition is increasing rapidly…

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12 Ara

How Should Effective Time Management Be?

Individuals are faced with many problems, especially in business life, in terms of not being able to manage time well. To do this, one must first develop an Urgency Matrix… Inability to set goals, lack of self-discipline, inability to say no, or excessive sociality, stress and time pressure,...

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12 Ara

We Made a Preliminary Presentation of an Entrepreneurship Project

As R&M Consultancy, we take part in Zehra Polat's entrepreneurship story and we are delighted to make a presentation of the preliminary study of this entrepreneurship project. We wish her all the best in advance and as R&M Consultancy we are happy to support all entrepreneurs.

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07 Ara

Using Enneagram Model in Companies

Today, many international companies use personality modeling in many processes, especially recruitment. As R & M Consulting, we make our plans with Enneagram personality modeling in many processes from human resources to marketing in the companies we serve. You can watch our video on this subject ...

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28 Kas

Dealing with Difficult Customers

As R&M Consultancy, we continue our activities for personal and corporate development in Bleda Foreign Trade Company. Along with the renewal and reorganization of the organizational structure, we continue our personal development activities with face-to-face trainings. The topic of this week was...

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22 Kas

We Are Pleased to Take Part in AYSAF...

AYSAF, which was organized to bring Turkish shoe sub-industry products to new and larger markets, was held for the 62nd time on November, 20th - 23rd this year for the sector to establish new export connections. As R&M Consultancy, we paid a visit to the fair with the employees of Bleda Foreign...

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19 Kas

Our visits to Dentaliva and Eren Socks Company

We visited Mr. Ömer Faruk, oral and dental health manager of Dentaliva, and Mr. Murat Taşçı, manager and owner of Eren Socks company. We visited them at their offices. We had the opportunity to share our views on what can be done together. Our special thanks go to Mr. Ömer Faruk and Mr. Murat...

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14 Kas

Our Career Coaching Interviews Continue...

The Career Coaching interviews are conducted with our clients, who continue their education at Koç University, Department of Business Administration and Medipol University, Department of Dentistry, in their course language, which is English by Ahmet Ozkan, Ph.D.

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04 Eki

We Participated In The 62nd International Shoe Fashion Fair

We visited the shoe companies to which we provided corporate consultancy services at the 62nd International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD), which was held at CNR Expo Istanbul Fair Center between 2-5 October,2019 and contributed to the development of the Turkish shoe - leathercraft sector.

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16 Eki

Meeting With Tunç Vidinli

Mr. Tunç Vidinli, who works in the field of executive coaching and crown coaching, visited our Camlıca branch. Together with Mr. Abdulrezzak Çil, Phd., the founder of R&M Consulting, they had a productive conversation on what could be done together. We would like to thank him for his visit on...

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11 Eki

Corporate Development Trainings

Our human resources and management consultancy work continues at full speed. As R & M consultancy, our online and face-to-face trainings have been completed successfully in line with the training needs analysis we have conducted within the scope of human resources processes at Bleda Foreign Trade....

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27 Eyl

Camlica Branch Opened

R&M Consulting continues to expand with its “Çamlıca Branch “ on the Asian side of İstanbul, with its expert staff in many fields such as corporate consulting, family consulting, management consulting, career coaching, student coaching, online trainings and seminars. Address: Bulgurlu Mah....

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16 Eyl

Management Consulting and Executive Coaching Work Continues At Full Speed

Management Consulting and Executive Coaching processes continue at full speed. During the monthly meetings held at IKM Kılıçoğlu and Bleda Foreign Trade companies, we discuss the production and sales marketing processes.

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13 Eyl

Management Consultancy for Başarı Customs Brokerage Company

We started the consulting process with the BAŞARI Customs Brokerage Company. In addition to executive coaching and management consulting, we will follow up the career coaching of their beloved children.

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10 Eyl

Workshop with Melior De Event Company

With the managers of Melior De Event company, whose corporate consultancy is carried out by R&M Consulting, we conducted a workshop and STP analysis training on how different personality types work together and how to overcome the problems encountered according to the Enneagram model.

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21 Oca

Communication Skills with Enneagram and Crisis Management

‘Communication Skills and Crisis Management with Enneagram’ training was presented by Mr. Abdulrezzak ÇIL, Ph.D. on January 19, 2019 At Maltepe Cevahir Hotel. The aim of the training is to enable the individual to discover their own language of communication by using 9 different personality...

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10 Haz

We Attended AYSAF Fair

We visited AYSAF (International Shoe Industry Fair), the largest fair of shoe industry, in CNR Expo in order to keep up with the production processes as well as the latest technological developments in the sector, together with the BLEDA foreign trade team, whose corporate consultancy processes are...

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29 Haz

Our Works at BNI Arcadia

At BNI Arcadia, where RM Consultancy is a member, we continue to provide services to business executives, in the positions of Business Advisory Services and Executive Coaching, and their teams.

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07 Tem

BNI Grand Members Day

We met with about 1000 business owners on BNI Grand Members Day. We have taken our place with BNI Arcadia team on this big day. On the Grand Member Day, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to other business owners and tell them about our working areas.

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05 Kas

The Art of Leadership with Enneagram

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, Abdulrezzak ÇİL, Ph.D provided the training on “The Art of Leadership with Enneagram” at Tüyap Palas Hotel. The aim of the Art of Leadership with Enneagram is to enable the individuals to get to know their personality thoroughly and discover their leadership...

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07 May

Training of Effective Communication

The training of "Effective Communication" was provided for the valuable employees of KM Accessory by Abdulrezzak ÇİL, Ph.D at Izmit Karaaslan Camping Facilities. We would like to thank all the participants who participated in the training.

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22 Nis

Analysis Report

We presented our analysis report to Mr. Furkan Yıldırım and Mrs. Şüheda Yıldırım, the founders and managers of Melior de Event, the company to which we provide corporate consulting services. R& Consultancy helps to increase the success and efficiency of your organization or company in...

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05 Şub

Enneagram School Model

We gave a seminar on “Enneagram School System and Positioning Strategy” to the dear esteemed administrators of Private SİN Schools in Düzce. The Enneagram Model, which is increasingly used in educational sciences, was described and its applications in educational institutions were emphasized....

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05 Nis

Customer Segmentation Study

Within the framework of Corporate Consulting, the Marketing Specialist Hilal Asil, Ph.D and the Management Analyst Melek ÇİL conducted "Customer Segmentation Study" seminar with Bleda Foreign Trade Inc. With our Corporate Consultancy service, R&M Consultancy helps to increase the performance and...

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30 Mar

Work Planning and Productivity Analysis

Within the scope of Corporate Consultancy, we cooperated with IKM Kılıçoğlu Machinery on work planning and productivity analysis of the production department. With the Corporate Consultancy service R&M Consultancy helps to increase the performance and satisfaction of the employees in the...

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10 Oca

Selling and Persuasion Training

During the in-service trainings organized by SİLVA NETWORK in Antalya, the training on “Communication and Sales Techniques”, where the key principles and strategies of marketing were shared with the members, was provided by the Management Analyst Melek ÇİL. We would like to thank the Silva...

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15 Mar

Booktherapy Workshop

We organized a book therapy workshop with Asiye Nurnihan Yurdakul, an expert clinical psychologist, for mothers who need expert opinion while raising their child and want to understand and strengthen their relationship better. In the workshop, we had the opportunity to read the books “All-Brained...

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04 Mar

Communication Skills with Enneagram

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, “Communication Skills with Enneagram” training was provided by Abdulrezzak ÇİL , Ph.D at Çamlıca Final Schools. In the training it is aimed to enable the individuals to discover their own language of communication by using 9 different personality types of the...

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02 Oca

Communication with Enneagram

During the in-service trainings organized by SİLVA NETWORK in Antalya, the training on “Communication with Enneagram”, where the differences in the communication languages of different personality types were shared with the participants, was provided by Abdulrezzak ÇİL, Ph.D. We would like...

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29 Oca

Time and Meeting Management with Enneagram

At BNI (Business Network International), we conducted "Time and Meeting Management with Enneagram" training with an enthusiastic audience. We would like to thank the participating directors, ambassadors and leaders of team members.

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22 Ara

Enneagram in Business

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, the “Enneagram Model” was introduced to the Turkey team of BNI in the seminar held by Abdulrezzak ÇİL Bey, Ph.D. Mr. Çil gave information about the use and advantages of Enneagram Model in the management of SME and Family Businesses. Thanks to all BNI Turkey...

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15 Ara

Self-Knowledge with Enneagram

On Saturday, December 15, 2018 the training called “Self-Knowledge with Enneagram” was provided in the event organized at Tüyap Palas Hotel which focused on the Enneagram Personality Model and how it can be used by today's individuals. We would like to thank all the participants who attended...

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13 Ara

Lean Management Applications

Within the scope of management consultancy, the training on application details of the study EXIT SCRUM, which we developed for the purpose of performance monitoring and for evaluation of the employees in the Public Relations department, was provided by Hilal ASİL, Ph.D; and the orientation...

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10 Ara

Parent-Oriented Game Psychology

The seminar on “Parent-Oriented Game Psychology” was organized for the parents of 5-6 year old children. The most appropriate method for children to express their emotions is GAME. The Parent-Oriented Game Training is a psycho-education that teaches parents to strengthen their relationship with...

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