02 Eki

Expectations and Suggestions about the Business World

Employees in the business world can be considered as employers, managers, employees and future employees. In terms of human resources, all these components have interaction with each other… Recommendations to employers and managers, Suggestions for employees and future employees, Suggestions for...

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10 Eyl

Nutrition is Purely Emotional!

Eating is one of people's most basic activities. However, this basic activity has psychological significance as well as biological necessity. When eating behavior is examined psychologically, we can only talk about emotional eating when it does not express nutrition. Negative emotions such as...

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10 Eyl

Kendi Kariyer Hayatında Başrol Oynamak

Üniversiteye yeni başlayanlar için Üniversite; -Bir yaşam alanıdır -Bir kültürlenme alanıdır -İş dünyasına geçiş mecrasıdır -Bir akademik kariyerin başlangıç yıllarıdır... Yazının devamı için: ...

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19 Haz

Marketing 4.0

All enterprises have turned to creating more loyal customers with the appreciation of the customer. With Marketing 4.0, cooperation from many to more has begun to move from many to one. The customer gained by this logic will now be managed and listened to by all the bodies of the company. That's...

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16 May

Üniversite Sınavına Hazırlıkta Son Bir Ay

Üniversite sınavına (YKS) hazırlanan öğrencilerin sınava son 30 gün kala, yapması gereken planlamanın nasıl olmalı? Dr. Abdulrezzak ÇİL’in kaleme aldığı "Sınava Hazırlıkta Son 1 Ay" isimli  yazının tamamı için:...

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20 Nis

To Institutionalize, But How?

Executive Coaching, Corporate Consulting, Management Consultancy, Crown Coaching, Management Institutionalization, by identifying the areas that can be improved, is to guide the development and institutionalization of the enterprise by analyzing the organization in terms of management. It also...

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10 Nis

Corporate Social Responsibility And Accounting

Corporate social responsibility sets the limits of the responsibilities that enterprises must fulfill in their ethical, legal, economic and voluntary projects and businesses. The concept of corporate social responsibility, which emerged in the UK in the 19th century, aims to bring surplus values to...

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30 Mar

Good Career, Happy Home

You can reach various definitions about the family, the social institution which is subject to destruction in the period we live in. When you talk about family in modern times, the nuclear family comes to mind. Nuclear family is the smallest part of the society in which parents and unmarried...

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30 Oca

Bir Eğitim Yılında Çocuklar ve Gençler

Nitelikli öğretmen yetiştirilmesi ve istihdam; program, içerik, yöntem, teknoloji ve öteki altyapı sorunlarına kadar uzanan yine çözülemeyen bir yığın sancının yaşandığı bir dönemin sonunda yeni bir eğitim dönemine daha giriyoruz. Kuşkusuz geçen dönemi, sınavların...

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25 Oca

Why Do Our Companies Die So Early?

We cannot say that the level of our country’s development is at the desirable stage. In this case, the corporate structure of the companies, the professional management of the organizations and the quality of our human resources are directly affected by the development of the country. As in the...

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20 Oca

Why Don't Strategıc Plans Work?

Look around you! You will notice that the word strategy is often used, especially in trainings, meetings or seminars. Of course, we can't help but put the word “strategic” in front of our routine work or between our conversations, based on the sources we are inspired by. When we add concepts...

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17 Oca

Post-Retirement Career Planning

Retirement and career are words that have an important place in many people's lives. Many people work at a long and exhausting pace throughout their life and leave their dreams to retirement. When professional working life ends and retirement begins, a period of crisis occurs and people feel idle....

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30 Ara

What İs Filial Therapy?

In Filial Therapy, the therapist teaches parents to conduct special non-directive play session with their own children. It was developed by Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney in the late 1950s. It can be applied to help infants under the age of 3 as well as children up to the age of 14. It can be used...

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25 Ara

From Good To Great

As we move towards becoming a great company, it is necessary to make sure that our managers are promoted within the organization as much as possible. However, when promotion within the institution is insufficient, an outsourced assignment can be made. Institutions on the path from good to great...

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