Who We Are

At R & M Consulting, we are aware that success and happiness in different areas of life cannot be considered independently of each other. Therefore, we take life satisfaction from a holistic point of view and we can touch the individual's personal, professional and family life at the same time.

As a consultancy company providing individual and corporate services with the principle of” happy family, successful career", we aim to create a new consciousness in the field of consultancy in Turkey.


By referencing the uniqueness of personality, we aim to assist individuals in their individual, social and academic development, facilitate their adaptation to life and give them the necessary skills to deal with the problems that they can experience in these areas.


At R & M Consulting, we focus on issues of high importance in the life cycles of companies in order to increase management effectiveness, ensure a place in the competitive world and ensure corporate sustainability.


By making an ambitious entry into the consulting sector, we are moving forward with sure steps with our long years of experience and expert staff.