Management Consulting

In today’s economic life; the changing economic structure, the increasing inextricable relations between domestic and foreign markets, rapidly-developing technology and consequently the competitive environment and the narrowing of the market has made working with a consultant a necessity more than a natural process. In today's financially competitive environment, “how you manage” has also become important“ as well as “what you produce” and “to whom you sell.

“Your ability to manage” your business, your resources, your customers, and even your competitors will determine your future in the market. Qualified management consulting practices in the business world are one of the important factors that significantly increase the market and the competition performance of companies.


Management consultancy is the services provided by independent persons and experts in diagnosing and analyzing problems related to management, organization, application methods and techniques, advising appropriate activities and assisting in fulfilling of these advices.


As R&M Consultancy, we conduct an external, independent analysis to evaluate both global and local knowledge and gains with business-specific facts. We then combine different specialties according to the needs and support to make the most appropriate decisions with a common mind. In this way, we aim to bring an effective and structural management approach to the organization.


  • Reorganization study
  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Determination of growth strategies
  • Determination of regulations for setting standards and healthy growth
  • Putting corporate culture and values in writing
  • Executive coaching
  • Developing leadership skills of managers
  • Determination of job descriptions, determination of duty, authority and responsibilities, assignment of responsibility and authority, developing communication and consent mechanisms between units, setting up and management of internal audit system
  • Increases competitive capacity
  • Prepares for international markets
  • Strengthens and improves internal organization
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases turnovers
  • Develops strategic management techniques
  • Improves management and decision-making procedures
  • Increases financial resource areas
  • Provides general and specific information about the sector
  • Develops customer portfolios
  • Prepares feasibility studies
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves the quality of human resources
  • Improves information systems