11 Haz

Training the Young for Family Companies

In recent years, family companies in Turkey have paid much more attention to the importance of continuity than I saw in my childhood. I see this beyond the firms I work for, even in the firms that do not intend to start working with an Heir Coach for now. Perhaps preparing the next generation for...

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04 May

Educational Planning For Companies

Education emerged with the first human being, and developed with the evolvement of humanity and has gained a systematic structure. Today, its value is increasing every day and it has become a large area where at least a few ideas are held on top of the whole society. At the same time, it has become...

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20 Mar

How Should Companies Take Measures Against The Coronovirus (Covid-19) Epidemic?

The world faced one of the biggest epidemic threats as the Covid-19 virus has turned into a pandemic. Mandatory travel prohibitions, quarantines, and many practices and restrictions are enforced to minimize the effects of the virus on humans. In such a risk environment, all individuals and...

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19 Haz

Marketing 4.0

All enterprises have turned to creating more loyal customers with the appreciation of the customer. With Marketing 4.0, cooperation from many to more has begun to move from many to one. The customer gained by this logic will now be managed and listened to by all the bodies of the company. That's...

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20 Nis

To Institutionalize, But How?

Executive Coaching, Corporate Consulting, Management Consultancy, Crown Coaching, Management Institutionalization, by identifying the areas that can be improved, is to guide the development and institutionalization of the enterprise by analyzing the organization in terms of management. It also...

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10 Nis

Corporate Social Responsibility And Accounting

Corporate social responsibility sets the limits of the responsibilities that enterprises must fulfill in their ethical, legal, economic and voluntary projects and businesses. The concept of corporate social responsibility, which emerged in the UK in the 19th century, aims to bring surplus values to...

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25 Oca

Why Do Our Companies Die So Early?

We cannot say that the level of our country’s development is at the desirable stage. In this case, the corporate structure of the companies, the professional management of the organizations and the quality of our human resources are directly affected by the development of the country. As in the...

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20 Oca

Why Don't Strategıc Plans Work?

Look around you! You will notice that the word strategy is often used, especially in trainings, meetings or seminars. Of course, we can't help but put the word “strategic” in front of our routine work or between our conversations, based on the sources we are inspired by. When we add concepts...

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25 Ara

From Good To Great

As we move towards becoming a great company, it is necessary to make sure that our managers are promoted within the organization as much as possible. However, when promotion within the institution is insufficient, an outsourced assignment can be made. Institutions on the path from good to great...

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