Executive Coaching

Executive coaching aims to help the individual know more about himself and his strengths and work on the characteristics he needs to develop. It makes progress in a three-dimensional structure by addressing the process not only as individualistic but also as familial and institutional.

Executive coaching focuses not only on the source of problems but also on solutions. Studies are carried out on how to solve the problem and change your living standards as soon as possible. Your individual development is supported through a continuous communication. When needed, a way, in which people around the individual participate in the process, is followed. The ultimate goal is to enable the manager to give insights in all areas, to be aware of his/her options and to reach satisfaction in his/her work and individual life by enabling him/her to use his/her resources in the most efficient way.


A study of 10-12 sessions is recommended. Sessions are held weekly or every 15 days depending on the circumstances. First of all, the individual should know himself/herself and review his/her experiences. His experiences are re-evaluated. After this review and reassessment process, his/her life is rescheduled and his/her work is reorganized. The process is revised depending on the needs and the desires of the individual. In this way, the focus point is to support individual development and improve the quality of life.
  • Those who want to improve and know more about themselves
  • Those who have problems in business life
  • Those who want excel at the business life
  • Those who want to be at peace with themselves and with their business circle
  • Those who want change in their lives
  • Those who feel at a crossroad and have difficulty making decisions
  • Those who wish to fulfill their dreams
  • Those who have difficulty setting goals and achieving them
  • Those experiencing adaptation problems
  • Those who want to raise awareness
  • Those who want to strengthen relations
  • Those who want to raise their children consciously
  • KThose who want to have lasting motivation
  • Those who want to deal with work stress