Expat Coaching

Expat coaching aims to help employees, managers and their families who have been assigned to work in a new country complete their adjustment processes as they should, and lead a balanced and happy life. Guiding these individuals not only individually but also in family and institutional processes is one of the priorities of the program.

In order to provide a better understanding and adaptation of the traditions, values, work culture and daily life in Turkey, the individual's personality characteristics and the problems that are likely to stem from cultural change are identified and then we focus on solutions.


Expat coaching also aims to support business culture, human relations, human management, conflict resolution, and time management. It helps to work more efficiently and harmoniously in the new work environment in Turkey.


Expat coaching, offered in English, helps build a bridge between “old” and “new” life.


How can I lead a meaningful life while living in Turkey?

What old habits can I keep?

What kind of new gains should I have?

What kind of new relationships I want and what kind of new relationships I do not.

How can I manage this process without undermining my confidence?

I've come to accept what is new, what about my parents?

Will my children be able to adapt to the new educational environment?

Will I be able to easily overcome the problems I will or I have experienced in such areas as health and law?

We provide specific answers to all the questions above in coaching sessions.


  • A 10-12 session study is recommended as a priority. Sessions are conducted face-to-face or online weekly or 15 days, depending on the conditions.
  • First of all, we prioritize the individual, that is, s/he should know more about himself / herself and review his / her experiences together with us. His/her experiences as a result of his/her experiences are re-evaluated. In line with these new evaluations, his/her new life is planned and his/her work is reorganized.
  • The process is revised depending on the needs and wishes of the individual.
  • The required support programs are used to provide the necessary support in line with the needs of
  • Self-recognition and development
  • Culture awareness and harmony
  • Cultural concepts and values of Turkey
  • Business life
  • Social life
  • Time management
  • Individual communication
  • Communication in business life
  • Body language
  • Motivation
  • One-to-one language education (Turkish, English etc.)
  • Family support programs
  • Educational support programs