Student Coaching

Student coaches are mentors who aim to help students explore their skills, know more about themselves, realize their strengths and make a realistic career plan. Student coaches guide students to develop new horizons in their lives by intervening their personal characteristics and skills at the right time. They increase their students’ academic and social achievements and contribute to their career planning.

Student coaching is not focused on getting high marks from courses or succeeding in the exam, but rather on making a hit with the student. It provides support for students to know more about themselves, to realize their strengths and explore their abilities, to set goals and to make a road map and action plan for better use of their abilities.


  • It increases student's school achievement.
  • It helps him/her choose suitable targets.
  • It allows him/her to learn to work effectively.
  • It allows him/her to use time by planning his priorities.
  • It allows him/her to disclose and use his strengths.
  • It helps him/her communicate effectively.
  • It contributes to him/her development of self-confidence.
  • The process begins by tests, observations and interviews to determine the individual characteristics and personality types of the students.
  • First, needs analysis is conducted and accordingly a plan about what to do is made. Students’ fields of interest are explored in order to determine the daily activities properly.
  • According to the data obtained after these three steps, weekly development and education programs are planned for the students individually.
  • Taking into account the characteristics brought about by his age, psychological support is provided and followed which will enable him/her to carry out his/her development in a healthy way and cope with the problems of the adolescence.
  • Educational and psychological support needs that are not mentioned above, which will be determined after meetings with parents during the process, will be met.
  • Now is the time to put all what’s been learned so far into practice based on the decisions taken all the way through..
  • Personal development trainings that will be specified with family and student cooperation are scheduled online or offline.
  • The status of the exam subjects is analyzed in order to reach the level of knowledge required for Course Success.
  • The current status of the student-as to the exam subjects-is analyzed in order to take the student to the required level of success for each course.
  • If necessary, private tutoring is planned for the students in the subjects they need.
  • Parents' meeting is held at regular intervals (e.g. once every 15 days or once a month).
  • Personal interviews are conducted with the student and his/her family in order to support the student mentally, socially, artistically and sportively.
  • During this process, students are directed to be closely interested in an art and a sport branch.