Enneagram Trainings

The nine-point Enneagram symbol, which comes from the Greek word sennea (nine) and grammos (symbol), represents nine different types of personality that differ in self, in others, and in view of the world.


The contemporary Enneagram system, which has been influenced by the fields of philosophy and psychology throughout the history, divides people into 9 different personality types according to their perspectives about the world, their perception and evaluation of the world and their response. These personality types are: 1- TheReformer, 2- TheHelper, 3- The Achiever, 4- The Individualist, 5- The Investigator, 6- The Loyalist, 7- The Enthusiast, 8- The Challenger, and 9- The Peace Maker


Each type of enneagram has its own strengths and weaknesses. No type is superior to the other. Each personality type has a different view of the world. It perceives, evaluates and reacts to each type of event from its own point of view.


The goal ofEnneagram is not to put you in a category, but to help you identify both the strengths and limitations of a trait that is part of your personality, and help you create awareness by guiding you on how to improve your capacity. And of course it gives you tips to understand others.


In fact, Enneagram, which is a very valuable personal development tool, is used in many different fields from human resources to personal relations, raising children and politics. Nowadays, Enneagram is also successfully used in academic psychology, philosophy, biography, fine arts, mythology, brain chemistry, scriptwriting, casting, advertising, sales, marketing and all kinds of communication, marriage, legal advice, technical directorship, sports management, jury selection and politics. In particular, its practices in education, policy and business are noteworthy.


As R&M Consultancy,we offer Enneagram trainings in different fields in the light of current and scientific Enneagram research and practices.


Enneagram Training Topics


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