Leadership School

Successful companies in today's business world are staffing more trained and more efficient employees. For this reason, they focus on the “leader” human profile who can realize new ideas and projects. However, it is of great importance that entrepreneurs who start new business or make business plans should be more trained about how to act at the beginning or continuation of the business, about the strategies they can practice, about the ability to cope with crises, about people management and institutionalization of the enterprise.


The Leadership School is a leader training program for managers which include supportive training in the process of becoming an “Effective Leader”. In this training program it is aimed to reflect the gains on the individual, on their family and social relations and on their managerial skills with a 360 degree approach.


Leadership School;


  • It consists of 10 modules in total.
  • Each module is planned as 3-hour trainings.
  • A total of 30 hours of training can be planned for 3-6-12 months’ periods upon request.
  • The headings of trainings are as follows. They may vary according to the needs during planning.


1. Module: The Art of Self-Recognition with Enneagram

2. Module: The Art of Leadership with Enneagram

3. Module: Performance Management and Blue Ocean Strategy

4. Module: Family Communication in the Elementary and Extended Family

5. Module: Personal Development Planning - Analysis and Evaluation Study

6. Module: Conflict Management-Anger Management

7. Module: Communication Skills-Presentation Skills - Speaking in Public

8. Module: Speed Reading

9. Module: Meeting Management and Time Management

10. Module: Professional Behavior Skills - Body Language and Personal Image - General Evaluation