School Trainings

A well-established, recognized, creditable, and successful educational institution does not come into being by itself and without effort. In order to achieve success in educational institutions, the right parts must be brought together correctly. Thus, the school gains a unique spirit and has a unique position in the education sector.

With our experienced staff fully specialized in the field of education, with the projects we develop specifically for institutions and the consultancy services we, as R&M Consultancy, aim to turn you into an institution that makes a difference in education sector standing out amongst others.


We believe that training of teachers, students and parents, which are the three basic elements of education, will improve the quality of education if it is planned together. Therefore, we offer different educational contents for the development of teachers, students and parents.


  • Teaching Different Personality Types*
  • Educational Planning and Classroom Management for Different Learning Styles*
  • New Trends in Education
  • New Strategies in Classroom Management
  • Strategies to Meet Changing Student Expectations
  • Measurement and Evaluation Errors and Exam Question Preparation Techniques
  • Prevention of Unwanted Behaviors of Students*
  • Body Language and Personal Image
  • Art of Learning and Teaching
  • Meeting and Time Management
  • Communication Skills and Crisis Management*
  • Personality Based Game Therapy Training *
  • Developmental Characteristics of Children *
  • Adolescence and Coping Skills with Adolescents*
  • *ENNEAGRAM MODEL is used in personality based studies.
  • Learning Styles of Different Personality Types *
  • Study Strategies of Different Personality Types *
  • Preparation for Exams
  • Managing Exam Anxiety
  • Motivation Seminars Career Choice and Career Planning *
  • Managing the University Preference Process
  • * ENNEAGRAM MODEL is used in personality based studies.
  • The Art of Getting to Know Your Child *
  • Being the Parent of the Student Preparing for the Exams
  • The Art of Being a Parent
  • Family Role in Career Choice and Career Planning
  • Family Effect on Personality Development
  • Parent-Centered Game Therapy and Family Communication *
  • Being the Parent of a Successful / Unsuccessful Student
  • Happy Family Successful Career & Characteristics of Children's Developmental Period
  • * ENNEAGRAM MODEL is used for personality based studies