Family Trainings

From the moment the child is born, the first social environment is the family. It is the family that knows the child the best and spends the time with the child most and supports the child the most during the developmental process. The importance of parents who play the role of natural educators in the development and education of the child has been ignored for many years and parents were seen as the informedindividuals rather than practitioners in education.

The focus of family education activities is on the child and the relationship with the child.


Our trainings for families contribute to family members to develop and enrich their lives, to adapt to their changing roles and development roles throughout life, to realize and use their individual and environmental resources actively, to prevent problems and to generate solutions for their problems.


As R&M Consultancy, in our family trainings we help parents develop positive attitudes towards their children and guide them to communicate with them appropriately.


Training Topics


The Art of Being a Parent and Enneagram

Family Communication with Enneagram

Character Education

Parent-Centered Game Therapy

Communication with Adolescents

Oops! My Child Is Preparing For theExam

Which Profession Should My Child Choose?

Being a Parent of a Successful / Unsuccessful Student

Oops! My Child Is Gifted

Happy Family Successful Career / Business Life

Preparation for Becoming a Parent